Homespun Furniture

Interior Design

Through an understanding of the specialized needs of a client, Homespun will be your valued resource. Whether it is through design, fabrication, purchasing, or installation, we can make you shine!

Our design concepts are an evolution of your vision for the project coupled with our talent in bringing that vision to life. We strive to create a unique environment that creatively optimizes the spaces being designed. 

If it is product alone that is your need, our library of offerings is extensive. With our knowledgeable staff, we can guide you through the selection process to ensure that your product is most applicable to its end use, but sized appropriately to the space. 

From hotel guestrooms and public space to restaurants and casinos, or from corporate spaces with executive desks and systems furniture to healthcare furnishings and more- Homespun does it all!


Our Process

The underlying theme of our product development and selections is quality and innovation while the underlying principal of our firm is honesty and integrity.

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Services Provided

• Interior Design
• Site visits
• Space planning
• Concept development
• Materials selection/custom furnishings
• Image identity
• Budget development
• Competitive furnishings procurement
• Fabrication
• Installation
• Project management